About Us

Pure, Natural, Sustainable, Earth-Friendly

If you had to sum us up and our mission in four words, those are the four. We want all of our naturals to be as pure and natural as they can be. We want to keep our planet for future generations so being sustainable in sourcing our ingredients is vital. And naturally, we are plastic-free. Our aim is to be completely zero waste and carbon neutral.

But who are we? Hi, I’m Maebh and for years I’ve been seeking and using natural and sustainable goods. For the last 12 months I have been carefully blending, testing, blending, testing, blending, testing until I finally came up with a range I was proud to put my name on. Well, not my name, but a name which is dear to me.

Thornfield holds a very special place in my heart. It’s our family farm and has been for hundreds of years (as far back as we can tell). It’s the farm where I spent every childhood summer, roaming the fields, herding cows, blackberry picking… think wild idyllic carefree summers and you have it. I grew up in Birmingham, but the moment the school bell tolled for the summer holidays the coach to Holyhead was boarded and the summer in Thornfield began!

Thornfield, or Tattynaskeagh to give it its Irish name, was a smallholding of my nannies, in her father’s family for at least 250 years. Nanny was one strong woman, and such an inspiration for any aspiring businesswoman today! Widowed at 45 with 10 children, she is the definition of a strong woman. She lived to 98 years old and her great-grandchildren naturally came up with the name super nanny for her, as that’s what she was – super!

Keeping farm and family together was her mission, through some seriously tough times. She was also deeply passionate about nature. There wasn’t a herb or plant in the hedgerow or fields she didn’t know by name or knew exactly what it could do. She taught us always to respect nature, to listen to it, to allow it to do its thing and if we took care of it, it would take care of us.

She wasn’t the cuddly loving granny like my other granny, but she taught me so much more. To be in keeping with the seasons and the weather. To watch for signs that would see you through the winter. Like if the haw bush was full of haws, a wicked winter was expected. She taught me to look for meadowsweet and use it to line the drawers. She taught me how to gather nature’s bounty and turn it into jams and preserves to last.

She also taught me about fairies, the ‘other folk’. Not the disneyfied version, but of Irish folklore and legends. You never disturb fairies or fairy rings. There is a fairy tree in the middle of the farm and no one has touched it for 200 years. If branches fall of it, they are left. I don’t really know why, I just know to leave them be.

I’m currently living in a family house, on the family farm, on a field named Si Garradh – which means fairy garden. The first product I made was a naturally scented candle made only with lavender and geranium. The smell just conjures up fairies gardens. I’m so proud to put the name on this candle. I have it flickering in the background as I type this up, and happy memories of my childhood come flooding back.

Many of the old ‘cures’and customs are lost to history, and sadly so is much of our respect for nature and our environment. However, Nanny had it deeply rooted in me to be planet positive (before the phrase was invented!). I’m so proud to launch this range following in her tradition, gathering natures bounty and using it, being planet-friendly and to put her farm name on it. What else could I call it, when it was totally inspired by Thornfield!